by Punchdagger

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released June 5, 2014

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Clayton Segelov at The Brain Studio in Sydney

Assistant engineers – Fletcher Matthews & Matt Clarke



all rights reserved


Punchdagger Australia

Melodic hardcore hailing from NSW.
Debut EP 'BOUNDLESS' out now.
New 7'' out June 5th!

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Track Name: Clarity

I know I said that I would write you a song
And it's been brewing in my head for so long
I didn't want to let you down
So I've been saving up my words
And putting them into the ground
Where they can grow into poetry

Outsiders to the world around us
I don't know who I'd be without you

Looking back on when we met
I didn't know that I was such a mess
Until you came along
And scared as fuck of who I'd grow up to be
As if I had no fucking choice

Isn't it funny how life works?
There could be nothing for years
In the desert of loneliness
But then love appears like a cruel mirage
That you've seen before
In dire thirst
And it haunts the mind
Until it's real
But you are real

Inspired by
Every breath of love
You've given me
Through the years
I turn to the world
Making good on the promise of happiness
That life assured me when I was born
You opened up my eyes
So I could see
It's been you and me
Against the world

And so I said that I would write you a song
To reassure you any time you were lost
I only want to make you proud
I hope that all my little words
Have emanated from the ground unscathed

You give me strength when there is no hope
You give me reason to care
You are light on the darkest night
You are there
Outsiders to the world around us
A soul alone without you
Keep me dreaming
Be my guide
Souls aligned
I love you
Track Name: Honestly

I don’t say much to anyone
I’m always lost inside my vacant mind
I imagine everything
Strolling around with childlike innocence and ignorance
I imagine everything
And it weighs me down into myself

In my youth I could have conquered the world
Been the light that’s lacked for years and personified endless love of life Bursting with inspiration
Unafraid of conversation
Naïve and blind to the cruelty of time
Adolescence came and went
And it changed the way I felt about everything: the world. Love. Life
It left me speechless and I can’t go back
So I don’t say a word

I’ve tried to curb my lonely life, but the sun don’t shine on endless night And sleep can’t keep me temperate
I wonder where the time went
And when all my words will spill out of my head, through my voice, to you

Come to me
I will not speak
Breathe for me
Always in fear

I never mention all the words in my head
I’m too inept so I just smile and nod instead
But sometimes I don’t even manage that

To all my friends: I’m sorry
I never knew that I could be this haunted
Screaming in these rooms just have my voice heard
I guess I’m just another awkward kid
On the cusp of potential I’ll never reach
I’ve tried to change, but I’ll always be this way
Track Name: Hinton

My life is filled with cloudy souls,
Scars and kids who never wanna grow old
But I’m scared to death of growing up
So at my worst I’m just the same as them
We won’t change

We scream at the stars that are bearing down
We try to hold onto our youth and all it’s carelessness
Ugh Fuck I’m fucking sick of it
We’re just confused with no direction and I’m trying to gain something Please give me something
I just wanna make an impact
I don’t know if I can

Because my pulse is waiting for me to live but I think too much
I’d sweat it out of my bones if I could, but it isn’t enough
The bright lights in the night won’t ever suffice
And all I ask is that you just remember me
I fear that I’ll be gone before long
It’s all I need

All my heroes have come back from death
Old and wise with stories to tell
They survived, so why can’t I?
Age was not their thief at night
Restless souls
Restless ghosts

“I don’t give a fuck” they sing
You are the saviour of our cold mornings
We don’t care anymore
We don’t give a fuck

I don’t care anymore
I’m not scared anymore
We don’t give a fuck