by Punchdagger

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released May 22, 2013

All songs by Punchdagger

Engineered & Mixed by
Clayton Segelov & Ben Turner at The Brain Studio, Sydney.

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New York.



all rights reserved


Punchdagger Australia

Melodic hardcore hailing from NSW.
Debut EP 'BOUNDLESS' out now.
New 7'' out June 5th!

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Track Name: Scythe Of Vyse
Turn to the world

With a new face each day

I’ve seen you change your mind a million times

About who you are

It begs the question

Of when you will see

That what you want
And what you need

Are two completely different things

Who do you want to be? 

Find a little faith in yourself

And keep it

You can never have it all at once

But I always knew you’d try

Like a young man in blue

You change

Like trees in the seasons

You change

Like a sheep you follow in vain

And all I can say is you’ve changed

 you are
 hard to forget

Why should I 
put you
Out of mind

 we lead
 different lives 

I’ve tried to forget you

I’ve been told to and I try

Track Name: Escape From Reality
Why do I feel the most safe
when the world is crashing down around me?
My dreams are an escape from reality, An illusion of brighter days
The smell of rain calms my soul, drenching out a fire fuelled by hate!

A gift from above
My only solace in this world

Stinging with the loss of friends I used to know
Angry at the echo of a place I once called home

Memories made, memories that won’t fade

What we remember and what we forget
Is painted on the pavement of a path inside our heads

I’d give anything to go back to those days
The time of our lives
Making memories every day and night

These times are over
But at the most
We can only hope for
Track Name: The New Change
There comes a time in our lives
Where we can’t see forwards
We only see backwards
Sinking into a hole of hopelessness


Only the positive climb their way out
To a brighter future

Pessimism will leave you behind
We need a change

Dream on
Be strong
Hope is not gone

Because when life gets all too hard
And you don’t think you can rise above
Take a breath,
Lift your head high
See the light and say

This is the new change
Track Name: Fifteen Strange Seconds
Maybe I'm just as scared as you are
But I don't know 'cause I feel fine
And I've been counting days in months and years
Never thinking of the time I left behind
Erase me and make me new
I've tried and tried and tried and tried
But it's all I ever seem to do
So when will I hit my stride?
And one day will I say
I found my pride?

We won't ever know
So maybe ignorance is bliss
Everything told
Why do I waste my time on this?
We won't ever know

When the anger's gone
What do I get?
All my time was spent
On fucking pointless shit

Maybe I was scared
So I fucked up
Guess I didn't think
Now I have to learn from it
Track Name: Nomad
If you could choose
What kind of man would you be?
What kind of life would you lead?
Cos I know I’d change
From selfish endeavors and
Self-loathing measures
To the man I could be
But I’m caught up in myself
And still searching for peace

Everyday greets everyday
In a round about way and it breaks me
I chase my tail, fuck this place
I’ll make it out
So don’t tell me I’m worthless
I used to think that maybe things would soon be fine and I’d be ok if I stayed
I was afraid of change so call me weak but now it’s time to pack up and leave

Maybe I’m losing my mind, maybe I'm right
Maybe the things that we think will last forever
Are the ones that set us free

These streets bear marks
From the steps that I take
These streets hold ghosts
That still I can’t shake

So call me weak
And watch me leave